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circular lifting
       Lifting electromagnets are intended to be used for gripping and holding during displacements of any type of loads from ferrous metals. Electromagnets are load gripping units of cranes. Application domain: iron-and-steel works, sea- and river ports, metals storage houses, ferrous metals recycling plants. Depending on the type and the application, electromagnets can be made in standard modification (for cold loads), heat-resistant (for hot loads at temperatures up to 500 oC) and waterproof modifications (for underwater operations at depths at least 50 m).  
electromagnetic iron separators

     Electromagnetic iron separators are intended to be used for extracting ferromagnetic components from flows of bulk non-magnetic solids (sand, crushed stone, slag, wood chips, ore, furnace charge, etc.) transported by conveyor. Application domain: mineral resource industry, ore-dressing and processing enterprises, foundry at metallurgical works, building materials plants, chemical industry, heat power engineering, food industry, etc.

       Supplementary equipment is used to ensure the proper functioning of separators and electromagnets: it includes control stations for supplying DC current to electromagnets and separators of all types; cable drums to extend cables during lowering and hoisting of lifting electromagnets and to prevent the loads from falling in the case of voltage dump; cross bar for suspending two or more electromagnets when working with long size loads, etc.  

About our Enterprise » Products
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