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     Suspended electromagnetic iron separators are intended to be used for extracting ferromagnetic components from flows of bulk non-magnetic solids (sand, crushed stone, slag, wood chips, ore, furnace charge, etc.) transported by conveyor belts.

       In self-unloading iron separators the working unit is a fixed electromagnet with a mechanism for removing the extracted ferromagnetic components. They are intended to be used for a large amounts of ferromagnetic components of medium and large size. The incorporated self-purification system allows the use of such iron separators at works with uninterrupted cycles.

   The working unit in pulley-type iron separators is a magnetic rotating barrel having an electromagnetic system inside. A pulley-type iron separator is able to remove large amounts of ferromagnetic inclusions of medium and small (below 100 g) size from a material. Usually they are used as drive pulleys. Ferromagnetic particles adhere to the conveyor belt contacting a pulley-type iron separator, they are attracted to under the belt, where the unloading takes place.


     Special iron separators are intended to be used for performing specific tasks related to extracting unwanted ferromagnetic admixtures. As a rule, fine purification iron separators are used for this purpose in different branches of industry: mechanical engineering, food, glass, oil and gas, construction engineering. Only electromagnetic iron separators can be used, if a flow of material in some manufacturing process has a large temperature.

    Control stations of SHU-20-060-220 and SHU-20-160-220 - type for electromagnetic iron separators are intended to supply DC current to iron separators of any types. They are protected against voltage surge, overcharge, short-circuit currents and overheat of iron separator.

About our Enterprise » Products » Separator
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