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Special separator



     Special electromagnetic iron separators are intended for purification of materials from ferromagnetic admixtures in such places where there is no possibility to install traditional iron separators, e.g. in pipe transportation of liquid, gaseous and solid materials. These iron separators (knee-type) are placed in a pipe and the purification takes place then the material moves through this part of the pipe. “Tray”-type iron separators are intended for fine purification of materials used in food industry, in chemical industry, in excavation of precious stones… . 


             “Pin”- and “slot”-type iron separators are used for purification of cooling liquids (CLs) from metallic chips in metal-working machines. The main advantage of special electromagnetic iron separators as compared to constant magnets consists in a larger capacity and ability to work in media at large temperatures (up to 300 oC).     Graders used for enrichment of feebly magnetic materials belong



About our Enterprise » Products » Separator » Special separator
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