Cable drums

           Cable drum is a device intended to be used for reeling off and in the power cable when lowering or hoisting the working units of lifting mechanisms such as lifting electromagnets, electromechanical clamshells, cross bars for gripping containers and other electromechanical units. Cable drums have electrical drives. An automatic control system ensures that the cable is always in the strained state. They also have protection against cable breakdown.
 Specifications  KB-1-15  KB-2-15
 Operation mode  Duty ratio 100%  Duty ratio 100%
 Nominal DC voltage, V  220  220
 Nominal current, A  45  90
 Maximum cable lowering-in length, m  15  15
 Reeling in-out speed, not more than, m/s  0,5  0,5
 Mass, not more than, kg  45  50
 Mean trouble-free life, h  15000  15000

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